Brice – the Backstory

Brice family

That Brice is known for expert remote logistics and operations is not just a reputation. It’s HISTORY. One that has endured through three generations of the Brice family, another feat unto itself. And one that fittingly began in parallel with Alaska’s statehood.

“The Brice family came to Alaska before Statehood, and when people talk about the changes since then, a Brice can often tell you how he cleared the way.”

Brice Inc. was established in 1961 with wife and husband, Helenka and Luther Liston Brice, as President and Vice President respectively. In 1992, sons Andy and Al assume leadership. Between 2000 and 2005, the company transitioned into the hands of third generation sons, Sam Robert and Alba Brice with support from brothers Luther, Matthew and Vernon.

Here’s a complete timeline of the Brice Companies through the Calista Corporation acquisition. Click here to see our current timeline of growth.

1867United States purchases Alaska from Russia.
1957Al Brice (oldest of five sons) moves to Alaska from Florida for a new job and looks for family business opportunities. Shortly after, parents, Luther Liston Brice and Helenka McNutt Brice, as well as brothers Sam Richard, Thom, and Andy Brice follow.
1959Alaska becomes a state.
1961Brice Inc. is established in Fairbanks, Alaska. Helenka Brice, President Luther Liston Brice, Vice President Al Brice, Vice President Sam Richard Brice, Vice President/Secretary Thom Brice, Vice President Andy Brice, Vice President
1964Brice lands first big job—the airport in Norvik.
1974-1977Brice clears much of the route for the TransAlaska pipeline.
1987Luther Liston Brice passes away.
1991Brice Environmental is established in Fairbanks, Alaska.
1992Helenka Brice passes away. Second generation assumes full leadership: Andy Brice becomes President Al Brice becomes Vice President Sam Richard Brice, Treasurer/Secretary Thomas Brice, Land Clearing Operations
2000Sam Robert Brice (third generation) is named President.
2005Operations are now managed and run by the third generation.Sam Robert Brice – PresidentAlba Brice – VP BDLuther K Brice – VP OperationsMatthew Brice – VP AdministrationVernon Brice – Equipment ManagerCraig Jones – VP EnvironmentalTodd Henderson, VP – Accounting
2010Calista Corporation purchases Brice Inc. yet continues to operate autonomously.

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